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At Essentium Materials we are building the next generation of essential materials. We bridge the gap from innovation to product by providing in-house R&D capabilities. Our innovative team views problems as opportunities in work clothes, where you need additional support or expertise we are there to deliver. We work with a variety of clients with from OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, to medium and small businesses looking to expand their research capabilities. We offer consulting and contract research services, think of Essentium Engineers as your “in-house” R&D specialists.


One of the most difficult things to do in the world of bio-composites is to be successful at taking a natural filler and incorporating it into a finished good. In other words, to establish a successful value chain from start to finish. Most of the plastics and nonwovens industries are not familiar with successful bio-composites. Instead, most are probably more familiar with bio-composites that have generated a lot of hype initially and ended in disaster, than they are with bio-composites that have been successfully commercialized and well received in the marketplace.

Arguably the biggest reason for the lack of success that bio-composites have experienced is due to a lack of understanding in how to (1) source bio-waste, (2) research and develop the bio-composite to fit application requirements, or (3) process and/or fabricate the finished good on a commercial scale. There are bio-composite companies that are good at sourcing or research and development or processing, but there are hardly any companies or strategic partnerships that incorporate all three aspects of a successful bio-composite value chain. We know all too well that you cannot have a successful value chain with an incompetent link.

If we want to be successful in bridging the gap between innovation and commercialization then we need to maximize knowledge sharing and understanding at every step of the value chain.