Strong, Durable, and Impact Resistant

Essentium PA

Essentium PA is a new polyamide filament specially formulated for additive manufacturing by BASF. Starting at $29.95, Essentium PA provides strong, tough, and flexible prints.

Print Strength You Can Count On

Essentium PA is known for its durability and strength. As an engineering grade material, PA is easy to print with while boasting a variety of excellent mechanical properties. Perfect for functional parts, Essentium PA provides strength you can rely on.

Impact Resistant & Wear Resistant

Prints with PA are prints you can rely on for a long time. With high impact resistance, Essentium PA can withstand a significant amount of force. It’s chemical and abrasion resistance means there’s little that can break down this material. 

Balanced Toughness and Rigidity

Essentium PA provides tough prints that can flex for various applications yet retain its stiffness. If you have parts that need more rigidness than a traditional flexible filament but less stiffness than PLA, PA is the right choice.

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