Introducing: FuseBox

Bringing the strength of injection molded parts to 3D printing. The groundbreaking technology that’s changing 3D printing for good. FlashFuseTM is an electric welding process that combines nanomaterial technology and advanced 3D printing techniques to solve the Z-strength issue that has plagued FDM printed parts since inception. For the first time in FDM, functional printing has become a reality.

Watch How FlashFuse Works

FuseBox Equipped Aon-M

Bringing isotropic strength to the AON-M. Attaching a FuseBox to the AON-M gives you exceptionally strong printed parts for functional use. Print with a variety of materials on your FuseBox equipped AON-M.

FuseBox Equipped Stacker S4

Bringing exceptionally strong parts to a fast and reliable printer. With four nozzles, the Stacker S4 is able to handle a variety of print jobs. Print isotropic parts with a FuseBox equipped S4.

FuseBox Equipped Stacker S2

Multi-part printing is fast and affordable with the Stacker S2. The FuseBox equipped Stacker S2 allows you to print functional parts with equal strength in every direction.

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