Essentium TPU/90A-NAT

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We engineered our TPU line to be both elastic and tough, while also exhibiting good abrasion resistance and excellent grip.

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We engineered our Essentium Flex line to have the perfect balance of elasticity and toughness. That’s why our TPU/90A filament is perfect for the print that needs to have flexibility, grip, and abrasion resistance. Use this material to make flexible hinges, belts, plugs, gaskets, protective cases, overgrips, wheels, shoe soles, vibration dampeners, energy-absorbing lattices, and so much more! With this filament we’ve got your flex printing needs covered.

Interested in the mechanical properties of TPU/90A-NAT? Download the Technical Data Sheet below.

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Weight 1 kg
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20 kg, 750 g, 2 kg, 10 kg


1.75mm, 2.85mm