FuseBox Equipped Stacker S4


Introducing the all new Stacker S4. Fast 4x print speeds. Huge build volume. Multi-part printing. Multi-material printing. From Prototype to Production™ the S4 has you covered.

Print functional prototypes, production parts, jigs, fixtures, signage, movie props, architectural models, artwork, investment casting molds, and much more with high accuracy and repeatability.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Print up to four parts at once – 4x print speeds
    • Group heads together for multi-material prints
  • Remote mounted filament drives for faster and more precise prints
  • Optimized for high-tech composite filaments like carbon fiber
  • Hi-Temp hot end for fast reliable printing over wide range of materials
  • Heated print bed
  • Dual power supplies for increased reliability
  • Build area up to 345mm x 520mm
  • Print parts up to 650mm tall (25½”)
  • Integrated casters for mobile printing
  • Safe to use in any environment
  • Includes Simplify3D®, professional 3D printing software
  • Industrial duty components
  • Made in USA

STACKER was purposely built and priced for tech labs, colleges, busy offices, maker spaces, print/prototype shops, manufacturing plants, and most other kinds of businesses. Now, more professional creators have access to fast, reliable, and affordable 3D printing.  Fusebox-Equipped printers will be delivered in early 2018.