Variety Bundle

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Try 3 of our best filaments in this variety bundle. With this bundle you get 750g of Flex TPU, High-Performance PLA, Copolyester PCTG.

1 x 750g Spool of Essentium TPU/90A-NAT - 1.75mm

We engineered our TPU line to be both elastic and tough, while also exhibiting good abrasion resistance and excellent grip.

1 x 750g Spool of Essentium High Performance PLA - 1.75mm

With the superior heat resistance and mechanical properties of our PLA, we provide strength and toughness you can rely on while still giving you the same ease of use as traditional PLA.

1 x 750g Spool of Essentium Copolyester PCTG - 1.75mm

Our PCTG is an easy-to-use material with incredible surface finish, superior toughness and chemical resistance – use it just like PETG!  

Weight 3 kg


Spool Size

750 g

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