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We supply you with trusted, unique, and highly rated materials.

Essentium Filament is developed with our chemical partner, BASF, and specially formulated for use in additive manufacturing so your customers can trust Essentium Filament for any project.

BASF & Essentium:
Trusted Materials

Resellers and customers know that they can trust Essentium Filament. Developed in cooperation with the largest chemical company in the world, BASF, Essentium Filament provides consumers with a premium line of materials known for their quality. Consumers around the world trust Essentium for 3D printed functional parts in a variety of industries.

Comprehensive Portfolio of Materials

From Engineering Grade PLA to flexible TPU, from translucent PCTG, to strong and durable PA, Essentium has an offering for any customer need. Essentium consistently develops new materials including industrial grade exotics. Support your current materials portfolio with the full spectrum of Essentium Materials.

Engaging Content that Supports Your Business

A close relationship between reseller and customer forms the foundation of a strong business. Essentium provides you with free access to engaging content on our entire portfolio of materials. We aim not only to supply you with premium materials, but to also help you strengthen your relationship with your customers. 

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What customers are saying about Essentium Filament

“Your PLA is ridiculous!”

– Cole Nielson, CEO of Orbital Composites

“The filament is noticeably stronger than normal PLA.”

– Johnny T. Nelson III, Electrical Engineer for Lockheed Martin

“Alongside the incredible materials, they’ve provided support, engaged in partnership opportunities and have helped with developing a greater 3D printing program for the university”

-Jim Wilson, Texas A&M University

“I am in to my 2nd roll of filament and I can say the print quality is great.”

-Amazon Verified Purchase Review

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